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Dr. Carmichael Scientific Co-Director of NSERC Green Electronics Network

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The Carmichael Group consists of a group of researchers interested in developing a broad range of new electronic devices – from large-area flexible and stretchable electronic devices, textile-based electronics to nanoscale molecular tunneling junctions.
The Group is lead by Dr. Tricia Carmichael, you can follow her on Logo_Researchgate_cropped

Our research group encompasses a wide range of expertise, with a central theme of chemistry and engineering at surfaces and interfaces. We work on integrating functional materials such as metals, carbon nanotubes, nanowires, graphene, and electroluminescent materials with elastomers and textiles to prepare stretchable device components, and then bringing these components together to make new stretchable electronic devices.

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Our latest focus is Textile Based Electronics. We are excited to announce our latest Paper in the Journal Matter, HERE.